Woah, hey! Hi!

I totally had a baby! And then suddenly it was three months later!

Everything is good. All is well. I keep meaning to write a post about the birth, mostly for my own preservation, and there have been some other things to talk about (like once a few weeks ago I agreed with Alfie Kohn, and once MNF posted a picture of herself doing yoga WHILE BREASTFEEDING, etc., etc., you know). But there’s always a child on me now. There’s one on me right now.

But I’m creeping back to normal. Except that I just spelled creeping “creaping” so I’m not there yet. TWO LITTLE KIDS, JFC.

I’m running again, which feels huge and major. I’m still reading the news. I’m still basically me. But not to the point where I can write regular posts and it’s a bummer but I’m getting there slowly.

Just wanted to say hey. Hey. Paper towels.


One thought on “hey hi hey hi hey hi

  1. *heart eyes emoji*

    (i’m currently only communicating via emojis, but not really, because i’m only communicating via description of emojis)

    love you, mean it <3


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