I’m not sure how many people actually read this, or how many are in a similar position, but if there is anyone out there, I have a question for you.

Does anyone have experience with seeing a therapist, primarily for your partner and his/her ex to improve communication? The subject comes up here every so often, brought up by one of the three of us at varying times (usually the outraged person threatens to not discuss xyz further until a therapist is present or something along those lines), and every time it’s happened, I’ve always said YES YES PLEASE DO HIRE A THERAPIST. Please! Please. I’m tired of seeing my husband being treated like garbage.

I don’t know if it would involve me. I’d be happy to participate or not participate, depending on what the therapist thinks is best for the situation. But the one thing I have asked my husband to insist on, if they do try to find one, is that he or she has experience with stepfamilies. Like Wednesday-Martin-level experience. I want someone who doesn’t just think they know stepfamilies, I want someone who knows stepfamilies.

But does anyone have any experience with this? Who saw the therapist? Did all three (or four) of you participate, or just your partner and ex? How did you find one who could handle the complex interactions of stepfamilies?

Image credit: In Treatment (HBO) (THE FIRST SEASON WAS SO GOOD RIGHT)


One thought on “question for you, yes you

  1. We have seen a therapist for my stepson and ended up having some all-parent time. I can actually send you a longer response if you send me an email.


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