Here’s some news. I’m pregnant. I know! Just when things were starting to become manageable with #1. We are crazy.

We are very, very excited to welcome the little one on May 27 or thereabouts. Here’s another thing we know:

it’s a girl

Oh sweet merciful mother of-

I’m just so happy it’s a girl. We’re done after this so it was our last chance to add a girl to this house full of boys+me.

I’ve wanted to write about this for so long. But some people I know in real life read this and I wanted to keep this pretty close to the vest until we knew everything was on the up and up pregnancy-wise, you know.

Otherwise, I seem to be posting less frequently. Things have been pretty ok lately. We still get a blow-up from the mom about every two weeks or so, but maybe we’ve just adapted to them by now. I hear the latest way she has maneuvered a situation she’s unhappy about to frame us as cruel parents and I just think, cool story, bro.

She’s such a deeply unhappy person.

Oh- since this blog has come to really focus on my life as a stepmom, I should mention my stepson’s response to the incoming baby.

Husband [excited]: We’re going to have another member of the family!

Stepson [silence, looks deeply to the side for many long seconds]: I was ok with just one.

Me: Ok. It’s a lot of news to take in.

Stepson: You’re not having any more, are you???

Us: No.

Stepson: GOOD.

I”m ok with this. It went better than last time. And it feels honest, which I like.

Art credit: Lisa Golightly


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