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It’s not a metaphor- I’ve started running again. Thanks to some mom friends who started inspiring me (you know who you are!) and a friend who loaned me his baby jogger, I am able to run on the regular. I think I may have sent him an overly gushing email about this life-changing new freedom, but it was sent after my first glorious run and I was kind of buzzed from it.

I was a runner before pregnancy, but I am going to admit straight out that I never wanted a baby-jogger because I thought they were ridiculous. It seemed like overkill. Like another way to say Are you Mom enough? I’m surprised women aren’t running while wearing their babies in slings: attachment-triathlon training. That is SERIOUS MOMMING, LOOK OUT.

But then I realized that people aren’t pushing babies in joggers purely for the sake of pushing babies in joggers – people are pushing babies in joggers because it’s the only way they’ll run more than once every six weeks. Sorry, baby-joggers: you were right, I was wrong. I didn’t know!

Do I seem like a beacon of positivity? It’s because I’m running again. I’m one of those people now and I do not care at all. Because I know now.

Running feels like freedom. I can’t stop. I feel strong.

(And sometimes babies nap in them.)

Photo credit: Japan Times


One thought on “running

  1. We have used our baby jogger SO much. And yes, it has nothing to do with “Wheee! I love pushing the baby jogger!” (particularly going up hills on dirt roads, which is where I generally run) and everything to do with “Oh yeah. This human can’t take care of themselves while I go for a quick run.” I consider a baby jogger one of the most essential baby items we own. Because, you know, sanity of me.


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