Mommyish annoys the shit out of me. As blogs-I-read-and-then-regret-wasting-my-time-reading, it’s worse than HuffPo. However, as a hate-read, it’s right up there with A Practical Wedding (too precious and sensitive for my stomach).

Both of which I read daily. Naturally. I’d say about one fifth of my daily internet reading is dedicated to hate-reads. Wouldn’t you?

What prompted me to write about this was a recent blog post on Mommyish called “It’s time to face the fact that you may never have a cool mom friend.

I feel like I am being trolled. Friends, AM I BEING TROLLED? You can be honest.

But if not, I’d like to have a word. Mommyish, I say this gently: it’s because you are not cool. You’re not that cool mom friend. You know how I know? Because you said “other moms with similar interests and snarky senses of humor and the same love of a soy latte on a rainy afternoon.”

You sound like pretty much everyone in every square state in the middle of this fine country.

It reminds me of that episode of Will and Grace where Grace calls herself “kinky” and Will responds with “Sweetheart, people who are kinky never use the word ‘kinky’.”

Sweetheart, bloggers who are cool never talk about being cool.


Image credit: Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker in The Social Network

2 thoughts on “a rude and unsolicited take-down of mommyish

  1. ha, I thought I was the only one who found practicalwedding annoying. I wouldn’t say I hate-read it, as I find some of the posts good / interesting (the one on running out of f-cks to give at work comes to mind) but my god is it self-congratulatory! That attitude of “we are all so amazing and wise and kind” and the nonstop “oh thank you website for posting this amazing piece of prose by this amazing and wise and kind writer” drives me crazy sometimes.


    • Ha ha! For a while I wondered why all the comments were so supportive and warm. So many of the OPs take themselves very seriously while they go on about some unimportant problem that they’ve clearly overthought, and the comments are all like YOU ARE SO COURAGEOUS. I wondered why no one challenged them (this is the internet, after all), and then I realized that APW just deletes all the unsupportive comments.

      As wedding blogs go, I’m more of an East Side Bride girl. Girl gets to the point, and quick.


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