Being a housewife does not make me bored. Saying that does not come from a sanctimonious place but from a self-conscious place. I keep reading about how bored we stay-at-home moms are supposed to be. How mind-numbing this all is.

What does it say about me that I don’t find it mind-numbing? That working in an office in some mid-level professional position was more mind-numbing to me than this?

I don’t mean to disparage my former job because there were a lot of things about it that I enjoyed and were fulfilling to me and all other disclaimers. Yadda yadda. But having the house and kids as my full-time job feels right to me. I want to be the domestic Sheryl Sandberg because look out, house, I am leaning the fuck in to you.

Except I’d certainly, certainly be Marissa Mayer because I can’t wrap my head around human communication either.

Image credit: January Jones as Betty Draper in Mad Men

Of course.

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