I was driving on the Saw Mill listening to a song called “wasting my young years” thinking about how you don’t realize when those years will pass until they’ve already passed and then a low-end, salt-stained, black SUV with a license plate that said PJHARVEY went by.

I often feel like I don’t know how to communicate with humans, like I’m from another planet. Writing helps me feel like a human who is a person. The idea that someone may read this helps me sort things out in ways that are helpful to me. So there it is.

I had a baby seven months ago and, without warning, my young years immediately funneled into his young years. I went from experiencing to watching and remembering. I need to talk about this.

So, hello. I’m going to talk to you about it all, for my own sanity and possibly growth. Thanks for listening? I don’t know. I don’t know who’s out there. I just want this to feel good.

Hello, hi.

Photo credit: London Grammar, from the video for ‘Wasting My Young Years’

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